See EIN review of 'The Complete Elvis Presley Masters' in-depth Review. 31 I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (slow vs, take 5/M) 2:40 That’s a pop song. Nearly all the key figures such as Sam Phillips, Scotty Moore, Bobbie Moore (Scotty’s wife), DJ Fontana, disc-jockeys and other performers such as Maxine Brown, Wanda Jackson and Betty Amos all give their insights into Elvis’ early life-story. The collection is a revelation and transports the listener back to the Hayride shows in the southern States of 1950s America –– it’s a healthy dose of swaggering righteous rock ‘n’ roll that speaks loudest as Scotty Moore, Bill Black, and –– the ‘fireball’ – twenty year-old Presley shake ‘em down at the hoedown. The truly incredible magazines Now Dig This and The Man and His Music, and their resourceful editor Trevor Cajiao, have been of essetial importance.Thanks to Chris Giles for always being willing to share his treasures. to EIN's FREE E-Alert Original SUN recordings engineered and produced by Sam Phillips.

It was almost midnight. Source for tracks 16-21: Original SUN tape. Giovanni Luca Fabris, Danny Kane, Sean O'Neal, Kevan Budd, Stanley Oberst, Brian Petersen, Sebastian Jeansson, and Johnny Saulovich. He was running all around the backstage area, being "crazy". Source for tracks 36-41: Original SUN (vocal channel) slapback tape. Elvis would record his single speed up version sometime later in April 1955. 34 How Do You Think I Feel (guitar slapback tape, rehearsal + take 1) 3:17 So I just stuck out my finger, and lifted it by the end of my finger. “At the heart of this release is the desire to make available as much material from the period as possible, and present it in the best possible sound. This fabulous dialogue, “Man we were hitting it that time” was previously on ‘Sunrise’ but is now in the correct context placed before the excellent ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ “slow tempo outtake” in the recording session.

It was at the big ‘D’ Jamboree in Dallas and the first thing, he came out and spat on the stage. He said something like, 'Hey, babe, will you hold my coat?' The afternoon was spent talking about family, school, and God. 19 Blue Moon (takes 6-7) 0:53

At one point you can hear Sam Phillips from the control room encouraging his new act saying that, “You sound fine Elvis”. Let’s rock!! It was just so wet from perspiration. Audio Notes from Ernst Jorgensen.. Elvis is introduced at the Louisiana Hayride October 16, 1954, before unleashing a sublime, ‘That’s All Right’ and Elvis say’s of his new sound he just “stumbled upon it”! He had a good voice and seems like he did a lot of songs like "I Love You Because", and country songs. 13 That’s All Right (take 3) 1:58 Focusing on the Hayride shows and various Radio shows Ernst has hit the motherlode and put together an intimate portrait of the Presley live experience – that has to be said –– brings us the closest yet to the feel and intimacy of those heady times. with relevant photos, memorabilia and stories from each day nicely presented. A rare early colour photo. 36 When It Rains It Pours (vocal sbk tape, take 1) 1:37 *New Elvis at SUN was such a key period and with all the newly found photographs and wonderful new stories and delightful insights there is surprisingly still so much more to learn and discover. While some are in surprisingly good quality (see above) there are a few that have suffered from being over-enlarged and a couple that have been badly processed for the book. Now eight years later it is released as a massive 530 pages, around 1,000 photos and weighing nearly 5 kilograms, this is the biggest project of its kind. With the two-piece band in place, Elvis appeared. : FTD have announced that their print-run has Sold Out. ‘I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone’ goes past the chosen “master” version with take six slightly increased in tempo and one wonders what special extra Elvis or Sam Phillips was searching for with these takes as Elvis tries his hardest. 9 I Love You Because (take 3) 3:36 He can't be that hot.' The book features 78 chapters each focussing on one specific week, from the beginning July 4th 1954 (the day of the first try-out at Scotty Moore's house), through to December 31st 1955 (New Year’s Eve at the Louisiana Hayride) when Sam Phillips’ rights to Elvis’ SUN tapes officially expired. See EIN review of 'On Stage' 40th Anniversary LEGACY in-depth review: See EIN review of From Elvis In Memphis (40th Anniversary Legacy Edition). 38 When It Rains It Pours (vocal sbk tape, takes 3-4) 2:14 Tupelon läheisyyteen on myös valmistumassa Toyotan yhdestoista tuotantolaitos Yhdysvalloissa. We smelled the acrid odor of smoke, and about that time we saw the flames licking out from under the car. This time they feature the true SUN originals of ‘That’s All Right’ and ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ without the added RCA extra echo. Even worse some of the original tapes were destroyed by RCA in the 1959 clear-out of their Indianapolis tape vault. Elvis left, and Scotty and Bill discussed, and Bill turned to Scotty and looked at him kinda funny, `What do you think of him?' Several of these outtakes above appeared on the 1987 'The Complete SUN Sessions' LP but have not been remastered since so should sound greatly improved.

11 I Love You Because (take 5) 3:28 1 Harbor Lights (takes 1-2, level adjustments) 0:33 *New A large number of these are from fans which Jorgensen managed to track down for the first time and who also supplied their wonderful and unpublished photographs. 17 Blue Moon (take 4) 2:59 Brooklyn Mayor John Coyne saw Elvis and the show and comments, "We saw this fella running up and down the stage with a guitar, running back and forth. EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network. or try your local dealer.
Randle found a solution as he paid cameraman Jack Barnett out of his own pocket, and the filming went on.". When I saw him, it wasn't just that he was magnetic, like an electric eel, he was exactly my type.

Got another one?' Note that plenty of other tracks featured here have been released before on other labels, such as Bear-Cat, but NOT officially by RCA .

The seivent-lairgest ceety in the state, it is situatit in Northeast Mississippi, atween Memphis, Tennessee, an Birmingham, Alabama. Uncle Tupelo was een Amerikaanse alternative countryband.De band kwam uit Belleville, Illinois.De band was een doorstart van de groep The Primitives en werd in 1987 opgericht door Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy en Mike Heidorn.Farrar en Tweedy waren beiden frontman, en wisselden leadvocalen af. These were just some of the beer sodden venues beside the infinite dusty highways of 1950s America. Well, what a fool I was, to think you could love me too –– ah, it’s the blues boy” .. before a ripping Scotty Moore solo and Bill Black’s delicious double-bass. Elvis shared the bill with such luminaries as, Jim Reeves, Slim Whitman, the Duke of Paducah (a comedian managed by Colonel Parker), and the Queen of rockabilly – miss ‘Fujiyama Mama,’ Wanda Jackson amongst many others. The design is basically laid-out (somewhat like the fan scrapbooks Ernst would have searched through!) We were expecting him I didn't know his name, Scotty had told me, but I had forgotten.

14 Dialogue 0:20 And he looked over at the mail, who nodded in agreement... Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Roy Orbison: “I first saw Elvis in ’55. This page wis last eeditit on 11 Mairch 2018, at 17:20. Shirlee McDade, "The girls were going crazy and trying to rip off his clothes during and after the show", Serena Nelson: "We went backstage to get his autograph. In fact, it’s his 1954 Hayride debut –– and a profound moment as the final guitar chord resonates... After a request from the Emcee he duly obliges and flips the double A-Side ripping into a mouthwatering ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ made famous by Bill Monroe & his Bluegrass Boy’s – “blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining” Elvis sings. It is fascinating to hear musical history being created and so it is perfect to have all the outtakes assembled in the one place at last. ‘Hearts of Stone’ and the aforementioned ‘Little Mama’ with exquisite Bill Black double-bass intro with Elvis noting “Oh, let’s sing now, let’s go!” all add further excitement. 33 I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (slow vs, take 7) 1:35 Now, eight years later, it is finally released as a massive 530 pages, around 1,000 photos and weighing nearly 5 kilograms, this is the biggest project of its kind.

The SUN Masters all sound as clear the ‘Elvis At Sun’ versions, if not even better. I assumed it was him, so I invited him in. In Fact, he spat out a piece of gum, but that was right away shocking! Elvis approached the microphone, legs straddled, with his guitar hanging in front of him. Tracks 27-33 recorded between mid-November 1954 and mid-April 1955 at Sun Studio, Memphis. I was thinking, 'Who is this upstart? Many of them are in better quality or in larger format than you would have seen them before. As for the photos there is an unbelievable amount of early Elvis pictures that will astound even the keenest of collectors. 30 I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (slow vs, take 4) 0:10 For the first time we also get a wonderful live performance of 'You’re A Heartbreaker' with piano accompaniment. Kaupunki on Elviksen takia suosittukenen mukaan? BOOK MAIN CREDITS The three classics from the Louisiana Hayride, August 20,1955 ‘Baby Let’s Play House’ ‘, ‘Maybellene’ and ‘That’s All Right’ musically end the CD and they sound brilliant here. Produced by Sebastian Jeansson and Ernst Mikael Jorgensen.

Tupelo on kaupunki Mississippin osavaltiossa Yhdysvalloissa.Kaupungin pinta-ala on 133,2 km² ja väkiluku 35 930 asukasta, mutta lähialueineen siellä asuu yli 130 000 asukasta. Doug Dixon on Elvis' Seymour Texas concert where a double-booking mix-up saw the band arrive over three hours late... "Suddenly a girl screamed "He's here!" Similarly it is essential to be able to look up specific people and find out when they appear in the book or first encounter Elvis. Scotty stepped up behind Elvis and pretended to wind him up, as one winds up a wind-up toy.
Reviewed by David Tinson for EIN. Unfortunately the CD sleeve has a track listing error with track 14 that features a fascinating 20 seconds of dialogue being not shown. Additionally ‘Fool, Fool, Fool’ a 1951 hit by the Clovers sounds deliciously bluesy here. Tracks 7-13 recorded July 5, 1954 at Sun Studio, Memphis.

Tracks 1-6 possibly recorded July 5, 1954 at Sun Studio, Memphis. 20 Blue Moon [take 8] 3:01 Interestingly Kay Starr & The Lancers also had a hit with ‘Fool, Fool, Fool’ in 1952 – and presumably these were the versions that obviously inspired the Memphis Flash. Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge, "2010 Census Redistricting Data (Public Law 94-171) Summary File",,_Mississippi&oldid=647851, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

'I'm afraid that's all we can do now' I said. Likewise the versions of ‘Baby Let’s Play House’ - Elvis shouts, ”Let’s get hot!” before the guitar solo. Without Sherif Hanna, Smokey Smith and Pat Clanton we would have had only the few unreleased outtakes I located myself.. THE RESEARCH TEAM: Source for tracks 27-33: Original SUN tape. A time-line on the left-hand side of each chapter (see below) shows exactly what Elvis was doing or where he was performing on each day of the week. These Sun session outtakes have previously been spread across various releases such as ‘Sunrise’, ‘The Complete Sun Sessions’ plus the ‘Golden Celebration’ and ‘1950s’ box-sets.

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